Personal Effectiveness in Project Management
Personal Effectiveness in Project Management

Personal Effectiveness in Project Management

Tools, Tips & Strategies to Improve Your Decision-making, Motivation, Confidence, Risk-taking, Achievement and Sustainability


200 Pages, 7 x 10

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Publication Date: October 2013

ISBN 9781628252545


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In Personal Effectiveness in Project Management, project manager and professor Zachary A. Wong, PhD provides readers with the tools and techniques that not only help them improve their own personal performance, but that of their project teams as well. Personal Effectiveness begins within. Dr. Wong's decades of Personal Effectiveness experience taught him that learning soft skills requires the same rigor as hard skills. In fact, one of the book's most valuable achievements is putting “soft” skills into a “hard” framework that readers can use for themselves and their team members. The book is divided into four modules, each addressing a different aspect of Personal Effectiveness: Decision-Making, Motivation, Achievement and Sustainability. The book's unique approach takes the reader through the modules, seeking to clarify and optimize the reader's performance in each area.