Exploring the Complexity of Projects
Exploring the Complexity of Projects

Exploring the Complexity of Projects

Implications of Complexity Theory for Project Management Practice


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Publication Date: April 2017

ISBN 9781628251296


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Exploring the Complexity of Projects: Implications of Complexity Theory for Project Management Practice explores the process and findings of the implications of the complexity theory for project management theory and practice. The golden triangle (project deadline, budget and output) makes the standard definition of project management processes, skills and knowledge paradoxical and divorced from practice. This monograph contains research of management processes and capabilities in innovative project settings and highlights the challenges in contemporary project management practice. This research suggests that in order to define and conceptualize project complexity, the building blocks of project must be more properly defined. These include:• Individual and group relationships• Individual and group cohesion• Definition of key performance indicators• Sources of project failureIn practical terms, this research aims to propose and encourage a critical but constructive way of explaining, debating, and deliberating project management and project performance issues that can lead to a wider awareness, knowledge, and development of skills and competencies that match the complexity of projects as experienced by practitioners in contemporary organizations.In Exploring the Complexity of Projects: Implications of Complexity Theory for Project Management Practice, project managers will find the realities of project management and the strategies to incorporate the complexity of a project into the original scope.

Author Biography

Civil Engineer, Professor, Project Management Terry has been a practitioner of both general and project management since the end of the 1960s and a consultant to blue-chip organisations for over twenty years. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of Human Systems International, a global consulting firm which assesses the excellence of organizations' project, program and portfolio management capability, and operates a leading-edge knowledge management network. With a PhD in Project Management, a bachelor's degree in Theology, and qualificiations in electrical engineering, management accounting and counselling, Terry has worked alongside senior leaders and managers in both the public and the private sectors, to ensure the delivery of business critical change programmes and enhance the quality of leadership. He is co-author with Paul C Dinsmore of 'The Right Projects, Done Right', published by Jossey-Bass in October 2005. Terry's research interests include project success, project management maturity and capability, and the application to project management of insights from the study of complex systems. In October 2006, the Association for Project Management awarded Terry its premier Award, the Sir Monty Finneston Award, for his outstanding contribution to the development of project management as a vehicle for effective change. Professor Project Management