Driving Sustainable Innovation: How To Do Well While Doing Good
Driving Sustainable Innovation: How To Do Well While Doing Good

Driving Sustainable Innovation: How To Do Well While Doing Good



406 Pages, 6 x 9

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Publication Date: June 2024

ISBN 9781628258196


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Driving Sustainable Innovation: How to Do Well While Doing Good offers a thought-provoking yet highly applicable resource for you and your organization to make sense of the future. It brings together a powerful collection of executives, thought leaders, practitioners, and researchers from around the world to map out what achieving truly sustainable innovation means for both individuals and organizations.There is no doubt that the questions posed by Driving Sustainable Innovation are grand and challenging, but it offers an extensive reservoir of practical actions you can take now to be future-ready. Opening the book, Project Management Institute President and CEO Pierre Le Manh compellingly explains the challenge:"The world has been facing sustainability challenges for decades. But for a long time, we’ve been surrounded by a narrative that sustainability is a zero-sum game and that business leaders need to choose between doing what’s right for the planet and doing what’s right for their stakeholders. This is a false choice. In fact, the quest for sustainability has proven to be a driving force behind innovation, brand relevance, and profitability across various sectors."

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